Ways of Making Money Online – The Ultimate Guide


Not only does the Internet off information in abudnace, it also allows users to generate income. While we should stray away from get-rich-quick schemes, there are plenty of opportunities available to us if we know what avenues to take.

The route you take when making money online can depend on your knowledge and areas of expertise, but the following avenues make a good starting point.

Sell on eBay and Amazon

Auction sites and e-commerce stores have been popular for years, as it allows people to order goods while in the comfort of their own home. While it is easy to assume that only more covenantal goods are sought after, the truth is that there is a market for almost anything. Amazon and eBay are two popular platforms that offer budding shoppers a wealth of choice.

The great thing about platforms is that they can be adopted by anyone. So regardless of whether you’re selling handmade goods, or a slew of smartphones, you can be sure to find a customer on eBay or Amazon.

Bear in mind that there’s plenty of competition when it comes to selling online, so it’s important to research your market, as well as the keywords you use in your descriptions. 

Become a Freelance Writer

If you happen to have a way with words and find that they flow effortlessly, then you could earn some money becoming a freelance writer. There are several platforms on line, including several freelance sites that allow budding writers to showcase their portfolio and bid for work.

Modern day content has to be engaging and relevant, so there really is no room for spun content or bot-generated literature. Therefore, professionals in the field are keen to reach out to talented writers, one of which could be you.

Start Affiliate Marketing

The Internet has allowed many online companies to thrive and offer their services and products to the masses. However, this means that there is lots of competition online, so companies need to look at new ways of getting their product in front of the people that matter. While a company can to do so much to start this process, there are some who operate in a particular niche that can help a company sell its goods, while making a profit.

Generally, the person promoting the goods such as the best baby thermometer aimed at new parents in the family health market will earn some form of commission. How this commission is paid can depend on the company, but for the most part, you can expect to be paid a commission on each sale that’s made due to your marketing efforts.

In most instances, this will be done via link that contains your affiliate ID. In some instances, the companies will also provide you with some marketing material to get started.

To be successful in this field, you need to have some form of online traffic. In most instances, this will be a website, but it’s not uncommon for popular social network pages to be used. The great thing about affiliate marketing is that there is no set process, so if you find a way that works for you, then it can set you apart from competitors. You will still need to follow some set procedures, such as SEO and research, but matching this with some outside-the-box thinking can make all the difference as to whether you’re an online success or not.

Start a Blog

Much like becoming a freelance writer, starting a blog allows you to market your content in return for a profit. Blogs can be set a round almost any topic or niche. If you’re a fan of technology, then you could look to offer a blog that showcases all the latest technology. If you’re a full-time parent, then you may wish to offer other parents some useful tips. Whatever the subject, there is very little reason as to why you can’t make a profit online blogging.

There are many ways to make an income from your blog, but to be able to take advantage of these channels, you need to ensure that your site is in receipt of healthy traffic. Traffic can be earned by ensuring you use the correct SEO techniques as well as ensuring your content is the best it can be.

The ways you can monetise your blog include the following channels:

As well as carrying out on-site work, you will also need to ensure that you’re taking care of other information funnels such as social media. It can be a lot of work, but those that like to offer information on a certain subject can do what they love, while turning a profit.

Get Paid for Video Views

Just like blogging, people adopting platforms such as YouTube has allowed the masses to showcase their talents and offer users a slew of information. Regardless of whether you’re review movies, or offering some valuable life hacks, there is a lot of money to be made if you’re able to make the right kind of video.

The best cause of action for creating a video that gains traction is to look at your chosen niche as a whole and looking at what subject matter has worked in the past. It’s also advisable to stay abreast of current trends. The more information you have about your subject matter, the bigger the canvas on which to paint your ideas. Just like written content, you also need to ensure you’re carrying out keyword research to ensure that your video is listed when specific search terms are entered.

Making money online isn’t going to make you a millionaire in the short term, but it can be rewarding if you’re willing to put in the right amount of effort. A lot of people have started such endeavours as a way of making money, only to see it flourish into a fully-fledged business.

How your Business Can Use Facebook Live Video to Reach New Customers

Until recently live video on the Internet typically consisted of things like static shots of an empty dais in some nondescript press room somewhere with a snazzy graphic across the bottom saying something like “Awaiting the Arrival of the Tasmanian Culture Minister”. However with the advent of Facebook Live Video that’s all changed. Why’s that? We’ll tell you why.

In the past decade the one-time MySpace competitor has gone from an ambitious little startup to the social media company that ate the world (including MySpace). By the company’s own reckoning they now (as of September 2017) have more than 2 BILLION monthly users.

This means only one thing: Facebook, and by extension Facebook Live Video, is officially too big to ignore. In this article we’re going to take a look at some of the ways your business can use this compelling new global communication platform to reach new customers.

Leveraging Facebook Live Video to Attract New Customers

Facebook Live Video is a potentially game changing marketing technology for two reasons:

  1. It’s unprecedented penetration into people’s daily lives.
  2. The fact that it doesn’t cost anything.

With those facts in mind let’s take a look at the ways your company can attract new customers using this free global platform.

  • Use it to Launch a New Product or Promote a Company Event – If you have an important company event such as a new stainless steel banding product launch or upgrade on the horizon drop a post on your Facebook page alerting your followers that there’s a major live video announcement pending and exactly when that announcement will occur. Be sure to make the announcement post as informative as possible. Tell people what kind of questions (if any) the live video event will address. For instance “Jack and Jill will be addressing the question of why they decided to fetch a pail of water during this important Facebook Live Video event”. Also, tease the outcome “By the time this Live Video event is over you’ll be wondering why you own a mobile phone”. Or something like that. You get the picture. Make sure to announce the Facebook Live Video event on your other social media accounts as well including Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and more.

  • Use it to Give New Customers a Better Feel for Your Brand – Turn your Facebook Live Video event into an introduction to your brand and brand experience. Give viewers a real time tour of your boutique and schedule an in-store promotion for the same day as well to ensure there are plenty people in the shop. (A crowded store is a better visual than an empty one.) If your product is custom built furniture take viewers on a tour of the woodshop and let them watch your craftsmen in action. Also, if you have a storefront share your location during the Live Video broadcast and invite the public to come down and join you and become a part of the Live event.


  • Use it to Introduce the People Behind the Brand – Success is as much about creating an identity people want to associate with as it is the quality of the product. Let’s take a step back and use the Beatles as an example. Anyone who lived through it will tell you that Beatlemania was as much about kids embracing the different personalities of the four lads from Liverpool as it was about the music. So make important persons within your organization a key part of your Live Video event either as presenters or those giving demonstrations or just talking about their experience working with the company. This puts a face on your brand and draws in people who might otherwise be non-committal.

  • Use it to Invite Questions and Provide Answers – Ask people to leave questions in the comments section during the Facebook Live Video event and then answer those questions in real time. This is a great way to connect directly to the audience and make them feel a part of the whole experience. Also, make a list of the most common questions that are asked about your product, service or company and answer all of them. Later you can leave this video up and use it as a video FAQ resource.


  • Use it to Enhance Your Trade Show Presence – Having a booth at a trade show is by turns rewarding and deadly dull. Smooth out the dead patches and attract new customers by live streaming from your trade show booth. Interview people who stop by the booth and invite your viewers to stop by and join the fun. Who says that only huge conglomerates can pull off multimedia interactive events? Let your trade show booth and Facebook Live Video leverage each other to maximize your exposure with a broader audience.


  • Interview the Founder – Bring in the big kahuna for a sit down interview during your Live Video event. People love to see the man or woman behind the curtain. Every brand has a story and most of them start with an idea in the mind of the founder. Get them out of their office to talk about their light bulb moment as well as the company’s early struggles. People love a success story, especially if it’s full of twists and turns and moments spent hanging over the abyss. And almost every founder has a good story to tell. It’s another way to humanize the product and get people involved in the brand.

Other ideas for engaging new customers include running workshops during your Facebook Live Video event, hosting webinars, performing live customer service sessions and making promotional offers that are available only to those who watch the Facebook Live Video event.


Facebook Live Video has taken the cold, boring world of live streaming and turned it into a dynamic engine for attracting new customers. The only limit on what you can do is your imagination. Keep the above tips in mind and you’re sure to see unprecedented results from your Facebook Live Video events.


How Does Social Media Impact SEO?

When it comes to attracting people to your website and engaging with your business online SEO ruled supreme. It wasn’t the only thing you had to think about but it was one of the main factors involved when it came to creating your site and building future content.

However, that changed when social media really started to boom in popularity, despite what many people think social media didn’t arrive with Facebook or the now often forgotten My Space. Social media actually began in the late 90’s and some could even argue that YouTube was the first social media site after its launch in 2005.

But it can’t be denied that it’s the social media sites you see today like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to name just a few that have impacted SEO the most. Now SEO is still very important but the rise of social media has changed the way you use it.

There’s fierce debate over whether SEO has been replaced by social media and while there are convincing arguments for both sides I think it’s unlikely that SEO will be going away anytime soon. Social media (as we know it now) is still relatively new and SEO as a long history when it comes to creating content. We recently had a chat with RFK Solutions who are one of the best SEO companies in Scotland. here is what they had to say….

Will Social Media Links Improve My Rankings?

This is a question that is often asked, at the moment, social media sites don’t have a direct effect on search engine rankings , although that could all change in the future. Despite this social media is still a great way to get your content seen by people and it can improve the visibility of your website in many ways which could result in the content you share generating links.

Rather than picking one or the other businesses today should utilise both social media and SEO because they complement each other in many ways. Social media has raised a few challenges for SEO but it’s also given SEO a variety of new opportunities, when they’re used together correctly they can benefit your business in a number of ways.

How SEO and Social Media Can Complement Each Other

So how does social media help SEO? It’s not in the way many people think because as I mentioned earlier social media followers, likes or hits don’t affect your search rankings. But it can do a lot to improve your businesses presence and can also help drive traffic to your site, with this in mind let’s take a look at some of the main ways social media and SEO can help each other.

Building Your Brand

Building your brand is very easy with social media, it can take time but all the tools are there for you to showcase your products and services in new and exciting ways that will appeal to your target audience.

Now while this might get you a lot of interest from customers you might be thinking it won’t help with my SEO ranking, will it? While it might not boost your SEO ranking in the traditional sense the people who see your brand on social media will likely turn to Google or other search engines in the future to get to your site.

Link Sharing

Links are a valuable part of SEO and social media is a great way to spread links and they can easily turn into hits on your website. There’s also strong potential for backlinks and if you build high-quality content it can easily get thousands of hits on social media websites. Every click on a link will, therefore, be a new visitor to your website, which will be sure to boost your SEO ranking.

Increased User Engagement

Social media is a powerful tool when it comes to user engagement, reviews, and testimonials from past customers can be shared through social media and they can even be turned into new content as part of your SEO strategy. And once potential customers see that you engage with customers frequently they are more likely to want to use your services. By doing this you also increase awareness of your brand and can grow your audience all at the same time.

And that’s just some of the main ways social media can benefit SEO, it gives you a variety of tools that will help you increase your audience and increase your ranking. It might not affect your ranking in the traditional sense but it will still have a big impact on it.

Social media also gives you a way to try out new types of content to see which attracts your customer’s attention the most. Building a successful SEO strategy without social media is still possible, even in this increasingly digital landscape, but it’s much harder and not recommended.

Social media has changed the way you can use SEO and gives you a much richer assortment of tools to use. A keen understanding of the differences between each social media platform and the fundamentals of SEO are required in order to get the best results for your efforts.

But with some time and practice, you can use SEO and social media to build a powerful and high-ranking online presence.

Why Your Business Needs to be Using Facebook Re-targeting

With retargeting the ads people receive on Facebook are linked to websites and products they’ve previously expressed an interest in by way of their browsing history. So if someone spends some time perusing your Persian carpet website the next time they log into Facebook there will be an add there for your site and product.

This is a big step forward in Internet marketing because previously when someone navigated away from your site you had no way to catch up to them afterward and say “Hi! Remember me?” They were simply lost. Sure, you could try and corral another few seconds of interest out of them by using one of those extremely annoying “Before you leave” popups. But besides annoying your visitors those don’t really do much.

How it Works

It’s really pretty easy. After logging into Facebook navigate to their Custom Audience feature. There you’ll find a tiny piece of code that you grab and install on your own website. This code snippet then delivers a cookie to the computer of anyone that visits your site.

This cookie then communicates with Facebook informing them this person visited your site. Not only that but it can tell Facebook exactly what pages within your site they visited. So if, for instance, the visitor, who is a local small business owner spent time viewing VectorCloud IT Support following a search on Google. The next time they log into Facebook they can be fed ads from your company promoting your support services based on the pages they have looked at on your website.

Image result for facebook retargeting

So What’s the Big Deal?

The big deal is this. In the past in order to continue engagement with visitors to your site they had to be convinced to provide you with a useful piece of contact information, most typically an email address. But most people simply won’t do that unless they’re actually purchasing something.

As such the vast majority of potential customers were lost to cyberspace the minute they navigated away from your site. With retargeting, you take the initiative by delivering that cookie to their device (whether it’s a PC or mobile device).

Then the next time they’re on Facebook they’re reminded of your company as well as the specific products they displayed an interest in. You can also set your Custom Audience preferences to target only those who showed more than a passing interest in your product; such as those that initiated the shopping cart but never completed the transaction.

Image result for facebook retargeting

Can I Abandon my SEO Campaign if I Use Facebook Retargeting?

We would strongly argue against doing so we’ll tell you why. The SEO campaign is designed to raise your website’s visibility and drive traffic. It’s essential because if your website currently appears on page 17 of Google’s organic search results no one, and we mean no one, will ever know your website even exists.

You need to be at or near the top of search engine results, at the very least on page 1. The job of the SEO campaign is to get you seen for the most popular keywords people are searching for within your industry. Once you’re on page 1 and traffic is flowing to your site it’s up to you to make the sale or capture enough information to continue to engage those potential customers.

As we said earlier, in the past that typically meant finding some way to get the visitor to provide you with an email address. With retargeting you no longer need that. The retargeting cookie you leave on their browsing device communicates with Facebook so that next time they log in they’ll see an ad for your site and be reminded of the products they showed an interest in. So, the SEO campaign drives traffic to your site and Facebook retargeting makes sure they’re not lost to you should they navigate away from the site.

How Much Does Facebook Charge for Retargeting?

The code and the service itself is free. Yup. No charge. What you will need to do is purchase Facebook advertising which works on either a CPM or CPC model, which you should be doing already given that Facebook now has 2 BILLION monthly users. Retargeting will provide you with a much more robust ROI on those Facebook ads because they’ll only go to people who’ve already shown an interest in your product or service.

Retargeting is one of the best ways yet devised to squeeze significantly greater ROI out of your marketing budget because you are, in effect, preaching to the converted. You’re reminding people who’ve already shown an interest in your product or service that you’re still here. Such people are far more likely to ultimately convert than random Facebook users seeing your ad for the first time.

Image result for facebook average cpc

Do I Have to Hire an Marketing to Set Up Retargeting?

One of the many great things about Facebook retargeting is that anyone with any type of comfort level with computers can set up an effective Facebook retargeting campaign in just minutes. That means you too. What you’ll want to do however is bring the marketing department in on the process as well as any other agencies you may be working with to ensure everyone’s on the same page.

Your internal teams and agency partners will likely have some useful suggestions about who to focus the retargeting effort on and the marketing department may want to tweak your ads or create additional ones to ensure that the ad campaign dovetails with the choices you make when setting up your Custom Audience.


Facebook is the undiscovered country of marketing: a vast resource of potential consumers waiting to be effectively tapped. If you’re already advertising on Facebook congratulations, you’re in the vanguard of companies who’ve recognized the social media giant’s potential. Now’s the time however to take your Facebook marketing efforts to the next level by bringing retargeting into the fold. By doing so you’ll be ensuring those who have already shown an interest in your product or service are not lost to the void simply because they navigate away from your site. The next time they log into Facebook they’ll see your ad reminding them of your great product or service and prompting them ever-so-gently to take the final step and make the purchase.

Five Ways Your Business Can Use Instagram Stories

Five Ways Your Business Can Use Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is a new feature of the platform which is essentially live broadcasting of content from a user’s mobile device that is only available for 24 hours after posting, after which it disappears forever.

The feature only works on newer versions of the app (10.0 and higher). With Instagram being one of the largest social media platforms (more than 600 million active users), this new feature is set to take the world of social media marketing by storm.

You could quite easily think that Instagram Stories will be competing with Snapchat and Facebook Live, and although it has similar basic features, it is somewhat different, especially in that the Instagram platform is excellent for brands, making it very easy for users to find and follow them.

While streaming, you’ll be able to see any comments or likes coming in – a great way to measure engagement, as it’s not always easy to measure, considering the video disappears after 24 hours and there is no way to look back in order to analyse, but you will still be able to use some of the various Instagram analytics tools.

Instagram Stories also provides a means of engagement with your followers and potential customers, offering the ability to use a more comprehensive message than what a single photo can provide. They can also be personalised with special filters and drawings, for example.

We’ve got together with the incredible guys at Think Zap who provide digital marketing Glasgow website deign and put together five ways in which your business can use Stories to reach your audience on the platform with the key objective of creating fun, engaging and shareable content that provides value…

  1. Promote special offers

The very fact that Instagram Stories are uncommon at the moment, means that they have an element of popularity amongst users who are ready and waiting for fresh and unique content, delivered in a new and innovative way. Use this to your advantage and choose awesome offers to promote to your audience.

Be careful not to just choose any old low-value offer, but rather something truly valuable, otherwise you risk having your posts ignored. The great thing about the 24 hour nature of Stories, is that it creates a sense of urgency and you’re more likely to convert leads to actual purchases.

Remember to refer any viewers to a link in your bio which should lead them to a landing page to redeem the offer and make the purchase. It’s very important to include a strong call to action with each offer to drive more users to your site, so don’t forget this fundamental point!

  1. Go behind the scenes

Consider giving your followers a behind the scenes glimpse into your business. One example is to shine a spotlight onto your staff, showing your audience the people working behind the scenes in your business (as well as your appreciation of them). It provides a relaxed view into what your business is all about behind the products or services you’re offering which can go a long way in building relationships and improving engagement.

  1. Ensure brand consistency

When doing Stories, ensure that they enhance the image of your brand, think the content through beforehand, even though you’ll be live streaming, just to check that it is going to be something you really think your audience is going to want to see.

Consider your target audience too, or those Instagram users you would like to reach. Only users who are following you will be able to see your stories, however it is possible for potential users to find you by using the Stories on Explore function, allowing them to find new Stories based on those streams related to their feed – an excellent way to improve your reach to those users in your target audience.

  1. Strike a balance

The more Stories you stream, the more possible it is that you will find yourself at the top of your followers’ feeds. However, it’s vital to strike a balance between to many and too few posts. You don’t want to annoy your audience and risk being unfollowed!

  1. Ask your audience what they’d like to see

Roughly 70% of users are engaging on a regular basis with the brands on Instagram. This could be increased amongst your followers if you “cut to the chase” and actually ask your followers what they would like to see on your feed. Use their feedback to direct your content schedule and produce the Stories that your audience will love and be a lot more likely to engage with.

Instagram Stories offer just one more way of increasing your reach and presence within the network and making use of them will not only serve to deliver interesting and shareworthy content, it shows off your brand in a positive light, demonstrating that you’re on trend and dynamic!

How to use Facebook Groups for Your Business

You may have heard of something called Facebook groups but feel there’s no need to spend time and energy on such a concept because you already have a Facebook page for your business. But Facebook pages and Facebook groups are two entirely different animals that serve different functions.

Generally speaking business pages are for broad-based communication with fans, followers and other parties interested in who you are or what you’re selling. A business page can only be created by an official representative of the business (or celebrity or band etc) that the page represents.

Groups on the other hand can be created by anyone and allow for much tighter control over who can belong to the group and who can interact with the group page. This helps build a sense of community within the group and when this community is built around a product or service you produce or provide that community can be an invaluable asset in building brand loyalty.

Basically, with a Facebook group you’re creating a kind of fan club focused on celebrating your brand, spreading the word about your brand to others and actively recruiting new members.

So Why Use Facebook Groups?

While a Facebook business page can be a useful platform for keeping customers abreast of product developments and important events related to your brand (like Facebook Live Video events) overall engagement tends to be fairly limited. People learn when to tune into the Live Video event, get to leave a like on different posts and maybe drop a comment or two along the way.

With groups, engagement is typically much more robust and passionate. Group members are people who’ve shown more than a passing interest in your brand. They want to know what’s going on with the brand and want to share their opinions directly with others who are equally passionate. These people are the best friends your brand ever had and they should be given a platform all their own to connect. Here are several ways to use Facebook groups to enhance your marketing efforts.

  • Create a Group Specifically for Loyal Customers – Now that the airline industry has entered the age of cut-throat competition you don’t hear as much about frequent flyer miles as you used to. But they’re still out there and for a good reason. They work when it comes to creating brand loyalty. Use the frequent flyer club model for your own brand by creating a private Facebook group just for those who’ve purchased your product or service in the past. Give members of this group special access to discounts and perks others aren’t privy to. Publicize the existence of this group along with its many benefits on your website and Facebook business page as a way to entice people to make a purchase and join the group


  • Build a Community – When it comes to Facebook marketing – or marketing via any social media platform for that matter – it’s not about you. It’s about your fans, followers, group members and anyone else who engages with your brand. As such any Facebook group you start or sanction should focus on providing value for your devoted customers and followers and enable them to spread the word about your product or service in a way that helps you discreetly while feeding their desire for engaging, otherwise-hard-to find information on the brand.


  • Keep abreast of Current Events in the Industry – You may spend a lot of time with your ear to the tracks trying to stay ahead of developments in your industry, but events in the business world today move at breakneck speed and you’re bound to miss something. Each member of your Facebook group however is another set of eyes and ears who can alert you whether knowingly or unknowingly about developments or events you may have missed. Someone may simply drop a few words into a comment about something they heard without giving it much thought. That tidbit of information may however, prove invaluable to you and the health of your brand going forward. In essence having a large group of dedicated fans out there is like having your own little CIA constantly gathering intelligence on the market and by extension the competition.


  • Find out What Your Most Passionate Brand Advocates Want – Market research can be expensive but groups can help you mitigate market research costs. That’s because besides being able to reward customers and keep on top of industry rumblings Facebook groups dedicated to your product or service are also a free way to find out what your customers like and dislike and what they’d like to see in the future from your brand. If you like you can create surveys or questionnaires that you present to the group asking for their input. This lets them know their opinion is important and gives them a say in the development of the brand which strengthens brand loyalty.


  • The Ties That Bind – Maybe you have a far flung enterprise with sales people in the field and several offices or outlets in various places around the globe. Keeping everyone on the same page in such cases can be a daunting task. But starting a Facebook group through which they can all stay in touch and up to date can go a long way toward strengthening your company culture and providing a sense of common purpose.


There are a number of different ways to leverage Facebook to aid in your company’s success and the creation of groups is one of the best. While the results may not be as visibly spectacular as what you’ll see from Facebook retargeting they can be just as essential to your overall viability.

By creating and fostering a community of brand enthusiasts through the creation of Facebook groups you’ll be laying the foundation for long term success. The fans you cultivate today will pass on the word to others who will pass on the word to others and your business will wind up far less susceptible to market fluctuations or economic downturns than it would have been otherwise.


5 Steps on How to Create Content for Social Media Marketing

Want to connect with your target audience more effectively? Wondering how you can deliver content that is relevant to your target and niche? In this article, we will discuss how you can create an effective content plan for your business.

Here are 5 steps on how to create content for social media marketing.

Understand Your Target Audience

Whether you have years of experience in your business or simply just begun, it is important to define your target audience. While many say it is easy to define your target customer just through age, gender, etc. – a successful match is beyond that. The key is to give your clients an experience that they never knew they needed before.

Consider the Needs of Your Target

Consider the needs of your target audience. To better understand them, you must analyze their unique needs and lifestyle. You can build trust by answering their questions with valuable content in the form of content, infographics, and webinars.

Determine Your Social Media Marketing Plan

First, you must build a strong community with clients who have used your product or service in the past. You can use this forum to help you measure the number of members, live videos they engage with, daily posts, and questions they ask.

Then you must analyze measures of engagement and take a closer look at the members who frequently reach out through all means of communication on your marketing page.

Choose the Right Form of Social Engagement for Your Audience

Targeting every form of social media will not provide quality results. You will need to do your research and determine which platform is right for your target audience.

Research Niche Related Topics

Once you have narrowed down the make focus of the social network, plan your content accordingly. You will need to create specific content that is unique and relevant to your page. Your main goal is to create content that has the power to become a viral online sensation.

Do you have a social media content plan? What other tips can you offer for creating effective content? Comment below and share your thoughts with us!

5 Facebook Marketing Strategies to Help You Build Followers

Do you want to attract high-quality fans to your Facebook page or blog? Without quality fans, your efforts will slowly run dry and prevent you from increasing your rank. In this guide, we will help you discover how to build your followers and improve your progression.

Here are 5 Facebook marketing strategies to help you build followers.

Add a Personal Touch

The one thing that makes companies successful on Facebook is to step out of their brand and let the people behind the company represent the page. The main objective is to communicate with your fans just as you would with friends. You can step it up a notch by posting entertaining photos and posts.

Provide Content

Always provide content that is relevant to your niche. Your content must educate, entertain and empower your fans to keep them well engaged in your business. The best tip is to provide consistent content and mix it up with your brand advertising. Make sure to post your content in a variety of options such as through video, images, posts, and more.

Open Engagement

Imagine speaking to a friend who only wants to talk about themselves, and when it comes back to your turn they hang up. That’s essentially what you are doing when you post an update and ignore your fan responses. What makes companies a success on Facebook is to get involved in the conversations.

Build Call to Action Opportunities

Facebook provides the best opportunity for brands to create strong relationships with their customers and prospects. It is also a great way to move your fans to customers. To do this, start by posting insightful content and follow with a call to action with a “check this out” or “watch this.”

Focus on Branding

With multiple opportunities to marketing your page, you can make your Facebook page an extension from your own website. You can make your page interesting and create custom tabs to showcase your services, products, and programs.

Do you have any tips on Facebook marketing that you would like to share? Comment below and let us know!

5 Legal Ways to Using Images on Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Do you share images for social media marketing? Are you using these images legally? In this article, we will teach you what you need to know about copyright protection and how to protect yourself.

Here are 5 legal ways to using images on your social media marketing strategy.

Understand the Basics to Copyright

Copyright is a fixed form to give the own protection. This means copyright covers a variety of niches such as performing arts, literary works, visual arts, digital content, motion pictures, and photographs.

Follow the Terms Listed On Social Media Platforms

Is it okay to repost an image? Is it okay to repin images on Pinterest? It is important to understand that all social media platforms have different rules and regulations to protect themselves. To learn what is acceptable, read their Terms of Services.

Choose the Right License for Stock Photos

If you plan to use stock images, you have the choice of choosing what license to use for the image itself. The more expensive the license is, the more you can do with the image.

Ask for Permission from Owner

If you are not sure whether you are allowed to use an image or not; go ahead and ask the owner. Most owners will be happy to give you permission as long as you provide them with credit. Did you know reposting on Instagram is actually a violation of terms? However, 99% of users are okay with it as long as it links back to their profiles.

Don’t Claim Fair Use

Fair Use was created to allow certain images and content as long as it is within the author’s rights. This is also applied to comment, criticism, or any parody. You must determine the use what the character and purpose are for and the effect on the value or market of the work.

How do you handle copyright issues? Have you tried these tips to ensure that your images are used legally? Comment below and let us know!