10 Tips For Better Outreach Responses

Outreach is incredibly important – it can give you that start you need the most.  It can give you crucial insight into what your target audience responds to best and can help you to gain popularity.  However, although it is very important, it is also very difficult to get right.  You may have found in the past, for instance, that out of 100 emails sent out, you only get around a quarter of that number replying and responding favourably. 

If you have experienced the woes of seemingly doing everything right only to have all outreach efforts turn to dust, then the following post is for you. 

We recently had a chat with the team at SERPchampion who have included their 10 top tips to help you achieve better outreach responses.

Use Your Social Media Accounts To Ensure Your Email Isn’t Lost

Can you imagine how many emails the average blogger receives in a single day?  How can you make your email stand out more than the various others they receive?  One great way to do this is by telling them that you have sent them an email.  Send the blogger you sent an email to a short tweet to tell them you have done this, as this will bring it to the forefront of their mind and attention and they will know to look out for it, in case it ends up in their spam folder.

Add Personal Touches To Your Outreach Emails

Start with a greeting – that may be common sense, but we are sure you are just as familiar as we are with emails that don’t include a simple Hello or Hi at the beginning.  Don’t just ask if they accept guest posts.  Address and treat them like a human being, because that is what they are.  It is also wise to mention something specific to their site or blog.  This helps to show that you have taken the time to look at their site and that this email is not just a generic template sent to thousands of blogs.  This tip goes hand in hand with…

Read The Blogs You Send Outreach Emails To

This not makes basic common sense but is a something you should do out of common courtesy for the blogger or website owner.  If the shoe was on the other foot and you were the blogger and received a guest post request by someone who didn’t have any interest in your site and didn’t seem to know anything about you – would you give them the chance to guest post?

Before emailing them, take a look at their latest posts, read them and mention the ones that interest you particularly or that you enjoyed the most in the email. 

Keep It Short And Sweet

Although there are some statistics that show longer emails have better close rates, shorter emails have been proven to produce better response rates.  Therefore, if applicable, send out short and concise emails initially.  Remember, you can always send out more comprehensive emails when you actually get responses.  This goes hand in hand with…

Be To The Point

It is crucial that you tell the blogger exactly why you are emailing them, without adding fluff.  Bloggers don’t have enough time for you to tip toe around things.  As most outreach campaigns have deadlines, emails full of fluff and filler will only lengthen the process unnecessarily.

Tell Them Where You Found Them

This can be helpful for securing a response as it shows the person you are contacting that you are actively interested in their blog or site.  For instance, if you came across their blog through someone you both follow on Twitter, you could mention that and what you liked about their blog. 

Always Include Completely Original Content

No half-decent blogger or site owner will accept content that is spun or taken from somewhere else.  You need to ensure that your articles and emails are original, and even if you think it might be a nice corner cutting idea to cheat – don’t as they will be able to check.

Give Examples Of Places You’ve Posted Before

Use your outreach email campaigns to get across the value of your posts.  If you have posted for other blogs in the same genre as the blog or site owner tell them about it and give them links.  Obviously, it is best to choose the best performing guest posts you have written in the past.  Don’t worry if you have not posted many successful posts, the quality is more important than the quantity.

Give Them A Selection To Choose From

As it is their blog, they have the right to decide what appears on it and what doesn’t.  When you are offered the chance to post on a site, give them a choice of various titles.  There is a higher chance that they will see something they like from a range of choices, than if you just give them one concept or idea.

Spell Check And Grammar Check Your Email

This last tip should be seen as common sense, but ultimately it is something a lot of people fail to do when sending outreach emails.  An email full of bad spelling and grammatical errors will leave the recipient with the impression that you are not a very good writer – or a careless one at the very least.   Make friends with apps and software like Grammarly, and although the suggestions are not always completely accurate- it does give you helpful pointers that can ensure your email looks as professional and well-written as your articles and guest posts.

In order for them to be successful, a lot of time and effort needs to be put into outreach campaigns which is why many businesses look to outsource this work to specialist teams such as serpchampion.com/guest-posting-services. However, by using the suggestions above you are bound to notice a considerable difference in the response rate to your outreach emails. .  If you have suffered poor responses from them in the past, we know exactly how you feel and fully sympathise with you.  It can be incredibly frustrating and even disheartening. 

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