Digital Marketing – The Importance of Social Media

Social media and digital marketing are closely intertwined, and social media is going to be one of the key features of any businesses digital marketing strategy. It doesn’t really matter what social media sites you utilise either because they all come with many of the same benefits.

Different sites might lend themselves better to your business but many businesses, especially larger ones will have a presence on multiple platforms. Utilising social media sites effectively isn’t as easy as it may appear but there are a number of great benefits to using them when it comes to setting up your digital marketing strategy.

Below Summon Digital have outlined all the different ways you can utilise social media websites and took an in-depth look at their benefits when it comes to using them to build an effective digital marketing strategy for your business.

A Direct Line of Communication

One of the biggest benefits of getting your business on social media sites is that it gives you a direct line of communication with both your current customers and any potential customers. You can find out more about your audience through social media in a number of ways and by directly communicating with them you can foster a stronger relationship.

Having a direct line of communication might also seem like it a potential negative because if something goes wrong all your followers could easily find out about it. However, this isn’t always a bad thing let’s say you sent the wrong item to a customer and they post a message on your Facebook page and are understandably unhappy about it.

That might sound bad and while it’s not a scenario any business really wants to experience if you handle it correctly you could easily turn it into a positive.

Because you have a direct line of communication with customers you can contact them immediately to offer help and support. Responding to customer complaints in a professional manner is sure to increase brand loyalty and build a more positive image of your businesses brand.

Potential For Building Brand Loyalty

Social media as excellent potential when it comes to building brand loyalty like I mentioned in the first tip because you can directly communicate with your customers and the public at large you can get your brand out there. You can also shake off the old-fashioned somewhat dull image many people have of businesses.

You can make yourself fun and engaging through social media in a number of ways and by doing this you’ll get your content shared more. This can easily help generate more sales and is a great tool when it comes to advertising and increasing brand loyalty.

A number of businesses have already managed to do this, Denny’s Diner the American restaurant chain is a great example of this. It takes a much more quirky approach to its posts and doesn’t always tie them to its products at least not overtly and easily generates thousands of likes per tweet.

It’s Excellent For Generating Sales

Social media sites are excellent for generating sales and leads especially if you have a business that lends its-self to a more visual platform. Fashion retailers, for example, are big hits on sites like Instagram but with some creative thinking almost any business can use social media to generate new sales.

One great tactic to use is to get customers who have already bought your products to share photos on their own social media pages and tag you in. You could easily set-up this as a competition and add incentives like special deals and vouchers for people who do it. This way your products and brand name can be shared with people outside of your connections.

Will Help Increase Your Conversion Rate

Conversion rate optimisation is an important part of ensuring your business grows and social media will help you turn visitors into customers. A flashy website and engaging articles might bring in the hits, but it won’t always turn those visitors into paying customers.

But with social media sites, you can increase your chances of conversion with every post you make! Every time you tweet something or post something on Facebook there is the chance someone will follow the link and buy something from your business. Sure, not every post will do this but by simply engaging with social media you can hugely increase your odds of a successful conversion.

It’s A Powerful Research Tool

Social media is a great way to get to know your audience and knowing your audience is one of the main keys to successful digital marketing. You can utilise a number of different tools to monitor who engages with your social media pages and break things down into a number of different categories.

This could include things like nationality, location, age, gender and much more. It could be as simple as creating a survey and sharing it with your followers to find out more about them. If you’re having trouble getting your followers to actually fill the survey in then you could even offer an incentive like the chance to win money off vouchers. 

Best of All Social Media Is Free

One of the biggest benefits of using social media in your digital marketing campaign is that it’s free! You can sign up to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and many more social media sites without paying a penny. Of course, it will cost you time to actually run these social media pages, but the effort is worth it.

For smaller businesses, I’d always suggest sticking to just a couple of different sites at first and you can always expand later. Make sure you research the sites carefully before setting up though, you need to be sure the social media site you’re using are actively being used by your target audience.

So, that’s a look at some of the main benefits and advantages of using social media sites in your digital marketing strategy. When you consider everything you can accomplish when you utilise social media can you really afford not to use it when setting up your digital marketing strategy? 

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