Great Examples of Brands Using Facebook

The quest for Facebook likes is a driving force behind many people’s online presence, I’ am exaggerating a little but social media sites like Facebook have become commonplace in people’s daily lives and changed the way the whole world works.

People born now or even a few years ago won’t know a time when social media wasn’t around and that’s pretty strange when you think about it isn’t it? Social media caused change on a huge scale especially in the business world, nowadays most big brands will have some form of social media presence.

The most common being at the very least a Facebook page, it’s easy to see why people go to Facebook first it’s by far the largest social media site with over 2 billion users and while it might not be the very first social media site it’s the most popular.

Facebook also seems deceptively simple at first glance, there’s no small character limit like Twitter and it’s not tied into photographs like Instagram. But utilising Facebook effectively isn’t as simple as it may appear especially if you want to promote your brand.

But can you really afford not to use Facebook when it as so many users and such wide-reach? Every business should use Facebook when it comes to marketing their brand but before you do learn from those who are already using it well. Let’s take a look at some great examples of brands that are already using Facebook effectively.

Taco Bell

The Mexican themed fast food restaurant is a huge hit on Facebook and outperforming arguably bigger competitors like McDonald’s according to stats from DigitalCoCo. So, what’s the secret behind their success?

It can’t be narrowed down to just one thing, but part of the reason Taco Bell’s Facebook page is so popular is because they have fun with it! They even launched a petition (jokingly of course) to get a taco emoji added to smartphone keyboards.

They advertise their product and offers of course but have fun with it as well and often use colourful images, videos, and animations as well. They also seem very tech savvy using memes at the right time to maximise their impact. Taco Bell shows the importance of being fun and light-hearted on Facebook and shaking off that image of a stuffy business. 


The fitness tech company have made an impressive name for themselves on Facebook and they market their brand by not marketing it. That’s a strange statement to make I know but let me explain if you take a look at Fitbit’s Facebook page you won’t see many posts talking about their products.

Yes, there, of course, going to be a few of them but many of these posts talk about health and wellbeing and link to their blogs as well. This helps promote their brand at large and shows that they care more about just selling their products and it gives you a greater insight into their brand.

Using Facebook to market your brand is a bit of a balancing act simply bombarding your users with information about your products/ services and offers isn’t going to engage them for long. So, you need to provide a great array of content and you can use this to showcase what your brand is about.

Nicholson Original London Dry Gin

Nicholson’s Original London Dry Gin is a brand with a long history, but it was out of the spotlight for a long time before being revived this year. This revival came with a new and very impressive Facebook page that shows that this brand is certainly very social media savvy.

They engage customers regularly and use a variety of different messages including images, photographs, and videos. While they are still in the early days are their revival I can easily see Nicholson’s Original London Dry Gin going from strength to strength.

If you want to see how a brand should start using Facebook in its early days of development, then make sure you check out their Facebook page. It’s a great way to get inspiration and see what you can do to improve your own Facebook branding experience.

Nature Valley

The food and drinks brand follows a similar pattern to Fitbit in how they use their Facebook page. They talk about their products yes, but a lot of their posts focus on the importance of the outdoors as well. It might seem a little ironic to talk about the importance of going outdoors on social media but it’s a great way to get your message across.

Nature Valley shows that their brand isn’t just focused on selling their products it shows that they actually believe in the importance of the “nature” you find in the brand name. They also actively encourage their followers/ fans participation by asking them to get involved in various special events and promotions.

They also have a great gallery of photographs uploaded on their Facebook page and regularly update it with new images. There’s more to see on the Nature Valley Facebook page than just posts about their products they fully live up to their outdoor, nature-loving character and show that they really believe in it.

What Can These Brand Teach Us?

You’ve probably noticed some familiarities in all these examples and few differences as well, that’s because there are many different ways to use Facebook to grow and showcase your brand. The examples we’ve looked at show many of the best ways you can go about it, first of all, you should make sure to give your followers a variety of different content.

You should have fun with it as well, the light-hearted approach will help you a lot when it comes to showcasing your brand and you should make sure you post more than just information about your businesses products and services. After all, there’s more to a brand than just your products isn’t there?

So, use your Facebook page to talk about the things that matter to you and your brand. You should make sure you post a wide-range of different messages use videos, gifs, animations, images and everything else you can think of to get your message across. 

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